Name: Dipti Desai
Age: 41 years
Marital Status: Married
Profession: International Henna Artist
Work Experience: 15 years

I Dipti Desai further developed my Hobby of Henna Art after marriage to create my own identity. I am excelling in the field with the help of my art, proficiency with the help of my husband, in-laws, daughter and friends support.
My Achievements: I myself developed 25-30 new styles of Henna Art and through which I went ahead to publish my own below mentioned books on
1. Dipti Desai Vol. I
2. Dipti Desai Vol. II
3. Hindu Wedding – this book has got a place in USA Encyclopedia
Apart from this my articles are published in leading news papers and magazines. Selected in toppers list in various field for Henna in 2009 for Gruhshobha’s super special edition.
I have expertise in Bridal Henna and Henna classes throughout Gujarat, national and international level and can teach 15 different types of Henna in 1 to 3 days and also offer service as judge for competitions in schools and organizations. I have monopoly in some of the designs.
Also I have conducted Henna Seminars on all over India and International level. I have offered to give henna service to the women in Jail and Orphanages.
I taught and gave lots of knowledge about henna to thousands of women of India. Put henna on lots of brides and take number 1 position In Gujarat state. I have written many articles about henna in magazines and news papers. I had taken care of my family members with all these activities.
I selected in WHEEL SMART SHRIMATI from GUJARAT (An ideal housewife of Gujarat) by HINDUSTAN LEVER LIMITED.
I have got two GUINNESS WORLD RECORD of Henna last year. One of them is longest Henna (Marathon) and second one is fastest henna to dedicate to orphanages girls of Mahipatram Rupram Ashram, Raipur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
First record of Guinness World Record awarded by Chief Minister of Gujarat Honorable Shriman Narendrabhai Modi.
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